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Link Corporation was established June 2005, however, the founders have been working in the construction industry since 1987. We’ve had the opportunity to build phenomenal structures throughout the west coast – and we’d be excited to start our next phase of Firestad™ Link Fire Safety Protection Systems (LFSPS) with you.

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INSURANCE: Fire Zone stats CA, 

Data from the insurance department shows that 235,274 California homeowners were turned down for a renewal last year, a 31% increase from 2018. Enrollments in the California FAIR Plan, a state-run pool that provides bare bones fire coverage to those who cannot find another plan, rose by 225%. 

With Firestad’s smart Link Fire Safety Protection Systems, you may be able to get your fire insurance policy reinstated and or reduced by up to 87%, which is what sprinkler system recipients are experiencing when a fire mitigation system is installed into their property/structures.

Starter Kit
Firestad™ Starter Kits start at $6,750 and will complete an average sized home, which is based on a 1670 sq. ft. home or structure. For larger homes or structures, additional parts and accessories can be purchased at our online store.