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LFSPS” significantly reduces the chances of your home catching fire from Embers

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Link Fire Safety Protection Systems may reduce the chance of a fire by 96%.

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Link Corporation’s Firestad™ smart “Link Fire Safety Protection System “(LFSPS), is the smartest fire suppression system on the market.

With so many wildfires breaking out everywhere, it became obvious to Link Corporation that something had to be done to help eradicate the potential problem before it happens. Therefore, Link Corporation executives put their heads together and came up with a great solution. They created their Firestad™ smart-link fire safety protection system “LFSPS”, an exterior fire safety protection system for homes, small buildings and landscapes.


Firestad™ is a new and innovative fire protection system designed to help protect homes from ember attacks during wildfires. Firestad’s “LFSPS” is an exterior water dispersion system with specially designed water spigots that integrates an innovative approach to fight wildfires for property owners to protect their real estate from catching fire. It is operable manually or can be set up automatically through a smart water control system. It is Alexa and Apple home-kit compatible with hyper-local weather intelligence plus rain, freeze and wind-skip features. Works with Google Assistant, Nest, IFTTT, Wink, Control4, Nexia and others.

“The effectiveness of exterior fire sprinklers were proven during the 2007 wind-driven Ham Lake Fire in Cook County, Minnesota. In 2001, exterior sprinklers were installed on 188 properties, including homes and a number of resorts. All 188 properties survived. More than 100 neighboring properties were destroyed. The sprinklers were so successful that a $3 million FEMA pre-disaster mitigation grant was awarded in 2008 to install additional wildfire sprinkler systems throughout Cook County. In 2013, another grant was awarded to install the systems in two additional counties, including properties with low-water resources.

The cost of the Cook County program was covered by a FEMA hazard mitigation grant. The program was finished on time and on budget, costing $764,255. A Minnesota Senator credited the program with saving over $42 million in property damage(s). The grant paid 75% of the cost of the sprinklers. Individual property owners covered the balance.”

Value Added Add-ons

For added security, Firestad strongly recommends, value added, add-ons; the Firestad system can be powered by a smart high pressure PSI water pump to increase and provide adequate water pressure when water pressure is down or in low water pressure areas. When activated by your smart device, a high-pressure water stream will run through the LFSPS water dispersion system discharging a heavy water stream/spray, covering all exterior surface areas.

In addition, a smart generator should be added as a value-added add-on to back-up and protect your home from power outages for added security.

Another added safety feature that is strongly recommended is a backup water-tank, bladder or swimming pool adaptor to ensure you always have water flowing.

Firestad Zones

Additionally, an exterior Firestad water dispersion system(s) can be designed, zoned and installed to add extra precautionary fire-resistant measures throughout your property landscape, along with a perimeter fire break water dispersion system (zones), ensuring that Firestad further mitigates fires due to ember attacks.

Wildfires and the intense heat associated with these types of fires can send burning embers up into the air. Once airborne, these burning embers or firebrands can travel from one-quarter to over two (2) miles in the wind. If these embers land on a combustible source of fuel, such as, dry brush, groundcover, roof, porches or decks, new fires will be started. With a water-soaked landscape and home you reduce the odds tremendously of flying embers starting a fire.

Projects include both new construction with LFSPS installations, and existing home retrofit installations, as well as repairs and maintenance. Occupied homes and fully operational job sites are never a problem. And we can also plan, manage, and build multi-phase jobs for all sorts of clients. We do it all.

Link Corporation: License(s) #877352 B, C33, C36, C54, C8, C15, C10


Water dispersion spray systems are proven to reduce fires by as much as 96%.

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